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(no subject)


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we like the first photo
is this in a park in your city?


No, this is my front lawn, with the Halloween decorations I put up. Do you celebrate Halloween in France?

you have beautiful decorations for Halloween, it must be terrifying in the night .do you put a pumpkin?
Here in Normandy the people do not celebrate Halloween, there are some children playing, but generally adults do not participate , too bad! they do not know laugh.


We don't bother with it either.

It's still a big holiday over here, though a lot of children go to parties or go trick or treating in the malls, for a safe environment.

Now that our grandson doesn't live with us anymore, I don't get a pumpkin. But we had 116 children come trick or treating, the most in quite a few years. I ran out of candy and started giving out quarters!

And a Happy Halloween to you, too!

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