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(no subject)

I give you......AUTUMN.....in all it's glory!

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Lots of yummy colours, auntie!

Especially the hot pink trees; they look good enough to eat.

Our neighborhood looks really colorful right now.

What beautiful trees, the colors are such that we would like to have some sheets for our dessert.
Mum and Dad love walking through fallen leaves on the ground.


Given enough rain in the Spring, the trees around here will have beautiful, vibrant colors in the Fall. I'd send you some leaves to eat, but by the time you got them, they would be crunchy and dry. ^_~ Scuffing through the leaves is always fun; I just don't like to rake and bag them.

Yes, Fall is gorgeous. A lovely wind-down into Winter. The tree which is second from the top in the pics lost all its' leaves overnight; rain and wind.

what beautiful pics! I so love the fall!

Me too! The colors are so eye-popping and Fall SMELLS so good! Nice to hear from you.

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