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(no subject)

The days are starting to get colder; we're coming into Fall. The squirrels in the yard are trying their best to get all the food they can find and are sometimes beating out my birds for the seeds I put out. Hanging on by a toe-nail

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Cute little thing! Sue used to name the squirrels that hung out in our back yard.

We all have names too!

Reggie XXX

Are you a squirrel? Without seeing your tail, it's a little hard to tell. I don't name my squirrels, but I do enjoy watching them. They are very inventive in finding ways to reach my bird feeders!

I am an extremely handsome young rat.

Reginald X

I thought you might be, but in case you weren't, I didn't want to insult you. Over here, in certain midwestern and southern states, we have bands of white squirrels with gray dots on their backs. They are very pretty. Also, red squirrels and black squirrels. Rats, though, only come in gray or white or brown. The wild ones are not so much fun to have around.

I'm wild and I have lots of fun!

The wild ones I meant eat dog food left outside, invade restaurants in the cities and generally ruin whatever food they can get their teeth on. Pet rats, wild or laid-back are fun; outdoor rats, not so much.

I'm an outdoor rat and it can be chilly at this time of year. I am thankful for a very kind and generous neighbour who leaves catfood out at night for the local stray cat population but I ensure I'm always first in the long queue.

I've been known to gnaw too - including a power cable up in the 2-foot quarters. Buncle J wasn't too impressed though.

Reggie XXX

Well, country rats are nicer than city rats; they don't look as predatory and are not as lean. I'm glad that you have a 2-foot who cares for all the wildlife.

Well, I don't do that, but I do let them eat; all the animals have to eat, right? I used to buy them dried ears of corn, but that got a little expensive. Now I give them stuff we don't want to eat, like excess cookies and such.

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