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(no subject)

I visited my grandbuns yesterday for the first time in a while. We sat on the floor and played together and they ran up and down and in and out of their room and their playbox. Not a great pic, but Merry was standing up!Merry lookin' goodRingo moving to the front of the actionA bun for each foot!

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Merry is very elegant.
Ringo and Merry seems happy to have you visit.
it must have been a good day.


I just hope you brought them treats.

Mr. Andy keeps a variety of treats on hand and my grandbuns know they can always count on me to hand some out.

My grandbuns always seem happy to see me. Of course, I do give them treats when I visit.....

Lovely pics Auntie, Merry & Ringo are looking good.

They are handsome buns. They take after their Grandma.

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