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(no subject)

Made some Halloween chocolate at the library the other night. It's all gone now; my 2-foot hubby ate it. Good thing I took some pictures!

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Mmmmmm, yummy. They look good, auntie.

Niece Maddie XXX

I understand they tasted really good, too. ^_^ Not dark chocolate, but, chocolate is chocolate.

it seems delicious! this chocolate!
Mum made a ice speculos, Dad ate it all.
greed is good!


Greed is what keeps the economy going!

What's a speculos?

Speculoos are small biscuits from Belgium, they are made with cinnamon and can add other spices, they are sweeten with vergeoise (brown sugar derived from the crystallization of sugar candy). there are very widespread in the north France and Germany.
Mum has made many this afternoon, burrow smelled of cinnamon, but in the end there was a smell of burnt, Mum has forgotten the last batch in the oven, hihi!


They sound delicious; any chance of getting the recipe from your Mum?

Yes, Mum will give you the recipe, watch for our next post.

Scotty, Erin.

Looks yummy! Don't let Dad eat too much chocolate! ^_~

Mum eats all the chocolate here.

If it was dark chocolate, he wouldn't have had a chance at it!

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