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(no subject)

Rain yesterday, today and for the next 3 days, so the gardening has been put on hold.

But we did manage to uproot all but the 2 largest of some 14 rock rose bushes which I planted all along our fence some 40 years ago, using cuttings from the 1 which was here when we moved in.

The bushes had grown from tiny things to overwhelming mounds. The two left, which are the biggest, are easily 28 feet wide, 20 feet deep and 15 feet high. It's taking a lot of clipping to bring them down. Our backyard looks about 25% larger.

We did take a break from yard work on Saturday, to go and see Betty Buckley, the singer/actress who's been performing a long time. She sang a lot of Broadway show tunes and talked about her life as an entertainer. It was 2 hours of very good music.

This month, my library is having lots of "watch them cook and eat their food" programs. Tonight is Chef Charlie, with German cuisine. Yum!

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What was Chef Charlie like? Neither me or Mum have been to Germany and don't really know what 'German' food is.

Bruno x

He's really good. He made sauerbraten meatballs; meatballs cooked in red wine vinegar, olive oil, beef broth, dry red wine, nutmeg, cloves ginger and mashed-up gingersnaps. Usually, it's bottom round roast marinated in all those things for 7 days; floured, seared and cooked at the lowest temperature on the stove for hours; till it is falling apart. (This is peasant cooking; bottom round roast is a tough piece of meat). Charlie also made Creamy Cucumber salad; cukes peeled and thinly sliced, sour cream, dill, lemon juice, sugar, salt & pepper. He ended with Linzer tarts. Yum! November will be Thanksgiving foods and December is all desserts. Double Yum!

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