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(no subject)
A harvest moon

A cousin and a 3rd son visitingthe cousinsMy collection of kite pics. It's always windy out here and perfect for kites.That's all from Montauk, folks!
Well, we're back home, where the wind is not trying to blow us into the next county.


We had fun seeing old friends and catching up, as well as having several relatives come out to visit. The fishing was non-existent, because of the waves and the wind. We'll go back a few times in Oct; maybe we'll have better luck then.


It's always a relaxing 2 weeks, away from t.v. and the newspapers. When we take our long trip in the winter, we often don't see a newspaper for weeks on end. Governments could crumble and we'd never know. Just the way I like it.


Here's the last of the pics I took in Montauk. I hope they please.