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(no subject)

Well, we've had really high winds for a few days, but today, it's pretty calm.

This is a good thing, because we have company coming out. Two cousins and our third son, Brian. Hopefully, we can sit outdoors and eat outdoors without blowing away.

It's sunny and there might even be some fish to be caught.

My main activities here are walking around the camp, by myself or with other walkers and reading. So far, I have read 6 and 1/2 books these 2 weeks. The biggest was Stephen KIng's newest, "Under the Dome" , a 4 pound, 1071 page doorstop. Pretty good, too.

Yesterday, we rode down to the Point and looked at the Lighthouse and the waves, which were still large, due to Hurricane Igor. Then we went into town and bought sweatshirts fot the chilly wind.

We'll be here 2 more days, then on Sat we leave for home. Next year, we'll do it all over again, same time, same place.Montauk Lighthouse, commissioned by George Washington in 1781 or thereaboutsA statue in back of the lighthouse dedicated to fallen fishermen and sailors from the 1700's to today.Us, down on the shore below the LighthouseKen, cleaning up after dinner. (Good man)Sitting around with Patty and DanThe eroded bluffs at the Point

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Nice piccies, Auntie. They're giving me restless paws and I keep looking longingly at my canoodle....

Well, get in that canoodle and paddle, girl! We'd love to see you on this side of the pond again.

Don't get blown out to sea!

Today, it's been so foggy that if we did blow out to sea, we'd never find our way back!

Lovely pics and nice to see what 2foot bucks are for! I can see why you will be back again next year.

Bruno x

Yah, we come every year. It's pretty uncomplicated; my 2-foot buck always bbq's so I don't do much cooking. There are no laundry machines here, so we save all the laundry until we get home. I walk, visit and read. I read 7 books here this time, including the 4 pound, 1071 page "Under the Dome" by Stephen King.

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