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Today is a very windy day; Hurricane Igor has been sending large waves our way. This makes the fishing hard; the wind drives the lures out of the water.

When we walked in the park the other day, we saw a fox and 2 deer. They were too fast moving for me to get a picture of them, though.  On our way back, we stopped at a local fish farm to buy crab cakes and a goose egg. I ate the egg to see what it was like; larger than a hens by half and a little gamey. The farm had some Chinese pheasants in a cage; they are very pretty.

It's been so windy that it was clear enough to see Block Island, Connecticut and Rhode Island from Montauk Point. When I took a pic, I could even see the lighthouse , Point Judith, on Block Island.

We had some major thunderstorms on Thursday night; lots of wind, rain and lightning. All the people in tents were drying out all there things the next day. It was so windy, the rain came right through the vent in our kitchen area.

Hopefully, the wind will subside. We did have about 2 hours of calm one morning last week. Here's some more of my pics.one of the pheasantsa helicopter dropping rabies inoculations for the raccoonsseagull feasting on the remains of a flukea Monarch; they migrate through here to South America in the Fall3 happy froggies gone campingthe back of one of the motels in townsome of the storm-generated waves