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the windsurfera chilly day on the beachKen hikinga strange toadstool we saw along the way
The other day, there was a very strong wind on the beach and a windsurfer was taking advantage of it. He was practically lofting into the sky.

When it cleared up on the next day, we went hiking in Napeague State Park. Took a lovely trail through the woods for about a mile. But, alas, Ken found some poison ivy unexpectedly and now he is covered with red bumps from toe to chest. We bought a lot of cortisone cream and some Benadryl. He should be as good as new in 2 weeks or so.

I have a little of it, but I think I built up a lot of immunity when I contracted it about 15 years ago. I was quarter-size blisters from my wrist to my shoulder and had to stay home from work for a whole month. Not one of my fonder memories.

We were being so careful, too, watching our every step as we walked. But then, we took a detour through a small field to look at something.........that's all it took!

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Tell Dad I hope he feels better!!!

He's doing good now, no more itching. Only a few of mine itch; I just have to wait for them to disappear.

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