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(no subject)

We rode to the nearest town the other day, a place called Amagansett. Long Island is full of places named after the Indian tribes that used to live here. In most cases, the name is all that's left of the tribe today.

There is a nice farm stand there where we bought some fresh fruit and then we rode around the area enjoying the country. We'll make a least a few more trips for more veggies and fruits. We also found that there is a farmer's market in Montauk town on Thursdays, so that's another shopping option.

I'm only allowed to run the generator which is powering my laptop for 16 more minutes. All generators must shut down from 5 to 8 pm. So here's a few more pics.....Sunflowers at the farm standOur purchases, which have all been eaten by nowOne of the roads in the area

We're expecting our son Dan and his wife Patty tonight; I'll probably be online again tomorrow with more pics.

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Nommy! The sunflowers look lurvely too.

Bruno xx

All the fruits were very nommy; I plan to buy some of the sunflowers this Thursday at the farmers market.

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