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(no subject)
The central turn-around in the campground.The first night's sunset.The beach at Montauk, looking East to the end of Long IslandWow! I was finally able to get online tonight. Reception here is not the best, to say the least.

We are having a good time; it's been very windy, but the beach is always windy. The days are warm and the nights are cool. Having no hookups here, we have no heater, but we are under 2 blankets and a quilt at night.

Here's a few pics of our site. If I can get online again tomorrow, I'll post some more. ^_^
This one is our unit on our campsite, last Saturday.

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That looks a nice beach, Auntie. We could scamper sedately, as grandmas do, across it together.

I'm sending mum off for the weak-end in her tin-tent, possibly it's last trip and we're plotting to run Buncle J ragged in her absence. Hahahahaaaa!

Niece Maddie XXX

You would definitely love this beach; nice, clean, hard-packed sand to scamper on. It does tend to be windy though, so you might want to put some hatpins in your bonnet.

I'm sorry that it will be the end of the tin-tent soon. Hopefully, the newer, smaller tin-tent version will take Mum on many fun trips also.

Remember not to run Buncle J so ragged that he has no energy left to feed you with. ^_^

I hope you're not blowing/washing away tonight!!!

The pitter-patter (actually, the loud, incessant drumming) of the rain put us to sleep. The lightning and thunder were extra added attractions.

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