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In July of '09, I planted a flowering cherry tree in honor of Sue, in the park where Sue and Andy used to walk a lot. At the end of this May, I stopped by and took a photo:

In the beginning of July, I went to take a photo of it at 1 yearof age, to see how it had grown. By then, we were in a month of drought and scorching temperatures. The park did not water the tree and this is how it looked:

I was devastated. Since then, Ken and I (my wonderful Ken) have been going every day, twice a day, to give the tree 10 gallons of water each time. This is how it looks now:It's grown a completely new set of leaves and although it is not as full as it was in May, we brought it back from the brink.

Now we are off on vacation for 2 weeks. This will be the trees' test; if we have no rain, will it survive without us for 2 weeks. We still have had only 2 rains in 3 1/2 months. It is cooler now, so that should help. I'll be back to take it's picture in the end of Sept. Hopefully, it will still be in leaf. Stay strong, little tree!

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I think that the spirit of Auntie Sue is in that tree. She started strong, had times of weakness but bounced back again and again.

And I hope to see it bloom in the Spring, like Sue bloomed. Although, since it had to grow a second set of leaves, it might not have enough reserves to make blooms next year. I will hope! I'll take a pic when we return in 2 weeks to see how the tree fared.

Hopefully it will grow up strong.

We're going to give it every chance we can. ^_^

It always takes 2years for trees to get their roots down properly. Thanks to what you have done I really hope you get to see the blossom next year. x

I didn't know that about trees roots; but I am very attached to this little tree and I'm rooting for it!

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