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(no subject)

On Labor Day, we went to see the dahlias at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, named for one William Bayard Cutting, a railroad magnate of the 19th century.

The flowers are shown every year and they are spectacular. Here are some of the ones I liked the best.

A 200 year old weeping beech; possibly the largest around. There are boardwalks and benches underneath it.The onetime "summer cottage" of the Bayard Cuttings; mow a 3000 acre arboretum.

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Mmmmmm, they luck yummy, Auntie.

Licking lips, Niece Maddie XXX

I thiiiink dahlias are one of the plants which are not good to eat; only good to look at.

I will try hard to resist them then, Auntie.


Good for you; stick with the well-known blooms.

Mum loves flowers, she had much flowers in
our garden , but upkeep of the garden is very difficult for her. So, Mum had to remove a lot and she keeps what we can eat . roses and lavander are yum yum!!


I have made my garden more compact this year also. I've taken out a lot of bushes which had gotten way to big. Now lavendar sounds succulent. Watch out for the thorns on the roses. ^_~

Lavender is very yummy, auntie. Do you eat it?

Aaaaahhh, no. I've never tried it. But I have eaten nasturtiums and day lily buds. (The oil in the buds burned my throat). I've eaten lots of wild onion grass in my younger days. And candied violets! Yum!

Very pretty Auntie, Mum grew some this year for the furst time, they make hur smile cos there is nuffin furticularly tasteful about them, the colours clash with the other plants but thats part of their charm she reckons!

The color combinations can be extraordinary. The dahlias come in all sizes and shapes, from huge puffs to tiny balls. Most of them are populated with bees and moths.

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