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(no subject)

I went
the Old Man in the Tree who lives in front of our house......

I went to the library to see "The Book of Eli" the other day. It was a good movie with a surprise twist at the end. Our library shows movies every Thursday afternoon and they are all free.

Tonight, we went with another couple to see "The American". It was good, but slow moving. Then we had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in the same Mall.

Got a little rain from Hurricane Earl; not nearly as much as we need. We've had two rainstorms in the last 13 weeks.

Does anyone else hate cleaning as much as I do? Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, washing, over and over and over. If only it lasted a little longer. How about a house where you could hose everything down? That seems practicable to me. :D

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That's a nice tree Auntie.

Cleaning is NOT one of Mum's favourite things to do with her time but she seems to feel the need to keep clearing up all my stuff and fluff?

Thanks; he came with the house, but I gave him his personality.

Cleaning is something that nobody notices, unless you don't do it. ^_~

Yes, I hate cleaning, but I'm sure you can't tell. ^_~

Not at all; your place simply has that lived-in look. ^_~

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