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Tonight I was attending a handwriting analysis class at my local library. The class was just getting interesting when a security guard came into our room and said the building was being evacuated; "This is not a drill".

So we all filed upstairs and outside where there were 4 police cars and policemen who told us we had to stand at least 300' away from the library. Seems someone had phoned in a bomb threat. To my library! I've been evacuated for fires and for safety drills, but never for a bomb before. What a world!

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A few weeks after I moved to Brighton in 1984 a seafront hotel was bombed during the Conservatory Party conference; the following day there were more bomb scares throughout the town with supermarkets being evacuated and just about every other large building at some point. The town was in chaos.

Were you ever arrested for it?

Don't mind Dandy. Bombers are scary people; seems like anyone can make a bomb (or a threat) with ease. Whatever happened to sitting down and talking about things?

Back when I used to work in the Chase offices every now and then the executive secretaries would come wandering around and they’d tell us that the executives had left the building because of another bomb threat. They never evacuated the regular workers though, just the executives. X_x

Did you feel like "The Expendables"?

Mum had a bomb scare at work this year and they evacuated 7,000ish people to the end of the airfield, she says it was on one of the very warm days and they had to give out bottles of water cos its about 2 miles each way and then they had to sit in the sun fur an hour.

Quite an expensive 2 hours for the company she thinks?!

And I'll bet the would-be bomber was sitting somewhere watching and laughing.

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