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(no subject)

A little while ago, Mr. Andy found some Tick toys that belonged to Auntie Sue. (The Tick was a comic book hero). He wasn't sure what to do with them till I told him that our grandson, Louis, liked the Tick also.

So Mr. Andy has given them to Louis. Auntie Sue would be pleased that someone else was enjoying what she enjoyed. Here's what "The Tick" looks like.Enemies of "the Tick"More enemies"the Tick" in various guisesMore Ticks...Some Tick monsterssome wind-up Tick toysMore wind-upsMedium sized enemiesSmall sized enemiesTick POGS, a craze which, I believe, started in Hawaii. They were given under milk bottle caps43 Tick trading cards

And there you have it. The Tick was created in 1986. I can't say I ever knew of it, I was a bit old for Ticks by then. But Auntie Sue's collection of toys will be loved by another generation. ^-^