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(no subject)

We went to a Mets game Monday night, at the new CITI field. It was a birthday gift to Ken from our son Dan and his wife, Patty. And wouldn't you know it, we had the first rainstorm in a month. Just a steady, heavy mist, but enough to get wet by.

We managed to tailgate dinner in the parking lot before the rain really started. Then, since the game time had been changed from 1pm to 8 pm, because the sports channel wanted to beam it to the West Coast, we found that a lot of people didn't come, it being a work night and all. So we were able to change our out-in-the-rain seats for seats under the second tier overhang, keeping us out of the downpour.

As an extra added bonus, it was lunchbox night! It was really fun to see a bunch of grown men walking around clutching lunchboxes, as though it was the first day of school. When we left, we were given a box of 5 chocolate and peanut bars, to put in the lunchbox. (They've got to give you something for the high-priced tickets and the $19 parking fee).

So here's my lunchbox. Don't know what I'll do with it yet, but it shows all my favorite team players. Ken will give his to our grandson, who's a  *Yankee* fan  >:(     (Hiss......Boo......)  Just kidding, Louis ^-^the front of my lunchbox.....and the back of my lunchbox. (I ate the peanut bars) ^-^