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Well, we're back from our 5 day holiday. We had a great time; the weather gave us rain on the way there, HOT humid days and cool nights.

The campground was spacious and green, with many flies for diversion. We took our kayak on the Schoharie River, but we didn't get far. The river is controlled by a dam and was mostly low water while we were there. When it's low, there are more rocks than I've ever seen in one place, so we couldn't get over them.  But we paddled around in the bay formed where a small waterfall entered the river. People climb the cliffs and dive off.

The only bad thing happened on Sunday night.  There were unleashed dogs 2 campsites down. Jake, our son's dog, broke away from Dan when he saw a stick being thrown to one of the loose dogs. The bigger dog bit Jake's paw, breaking a nail. When this happens to a dog, he bleeds profusely until the nail is removed by a vet. After many minutes of trying to stop the bleeding, Ken, Dan and Dan's mom-in-law drove 50 minutes to the nearest vet, who removed the nail, cleaned and bandaged the wound to stop the bleeding. They didn't get back to camp until 11:30 at night.

But Jake was a trouper and was very glad to get back with his folks. He's wearing two ace bandages until Wednesday, when he should not bleed any more and he'll grow a new nail in time.

All in all, we ate 3 gourmet meals a day, thanks to Dan's dad-in-law, who loves to cook. Steaks, pork loins, baby lamb chops; not your usual camping fare. I would definitely go there again, once the police and the camp managers have forgotten who we are. ^-^our unitDan's in-laws unit and Dan's screen tentPatty and Dan's tentthe woodchuck who lived under the outhouseJake, watching everything going onJake.......having his....chest scratched.the Schoharie River; aka Rock Beachcliff divingJake on Monday morn, with his bandaged paw. P.S. the town we were in is Gilboa, N.Y.

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Did you go canoodling, Auntie? We could go canoodling together in our canoes!

We did try to canoodle, but the extremely large rocks that stuck up everywhere through the water kept us pretty much stuck in the large pool at the end of the river. The river is controlled by a dam and when the water is low, the river is really a river of rock. Never saw so many rocks in one place in my life!

Jake is very handsome and his eyes looks very gentle. How's his leg now?
as is agreeable travel in camper, we are not gone yet because it's too hot, Mum and Dad think we will go towards Germany later. Your camping looks very spacious.

Scotty, Erin.

Jake has recovered just fine; thanks for caring. He will grow a new nail in time. We love to travel in our camper; it has air conditioning for when it's really hot. Our camper is just right for us; a bedroom, bathroom (with shower), a cooking and dining and sitting area (all in one; the last two). It must be great to be able to travel from country to country as you can do in Europe.

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