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(no subject)

Gorgeous, gorgeous weather here for the last 3 days. Very low humidity and lower temps. I've been able to garden some again without melting away.

My supermarket sunflower, alas, is not doing well. Although I sprayed it, all of it's leaves have been reduced to confetti and now the petals are disappearing, one by one. I think the Japanese beetles are to blame; they eat voraciously and are hard to kill.

There are 3 developing buds on the sunflower, but I don't know if they will grow and open. I water it everyday, but it's now just a stem with a petal-less head on it. This has been a bumper year for bugs; they like the heat.

Going to an outdoor concert at my library tonight; there will be a band playing Beatles songs. We'll sit on the lawn and remember Auntie Sue. the flower, pre-bug....a page from Birds and Blooms magazine

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Take at least one bottle of wine and be sure to sing along.

I always sing along; I usually wake up with a song running around in my head. "Without a song or a dance, what are we..." (Mamma Mia)

Lurverly Auntie, there is nothing like a sunflower to bring a smile to everybuns faces.

Have a bunderful time tonight, singing along is the law with Beetles songs.

Bruno xx

I plan to sing really loudly, with gusto. (Also, maybe with my 2-foot).

Sing and Dance , have a good fun ! good outdoor concert !


We had a wonderful time! We're not big dancers, but we sang all the songs.

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