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The blowing out of the candlesOkay, I tried 3 times, but one pic would not load; I haven't a clue as to why. C'est la vie!
Yesterday, we had a joint birthday party for Mr. Andy and Louis; Mr. Andy having attained 41 years of living and Louis having attained 12 years. Presents were exchanged, drinks were drunk and food was eaten, followed by the traditional watermelon birthday cake.

We actually had a major rain storm during the party, with gusts of wind suddenly driving the rain through the windows and about 2 feet into the rooms. Trees were downed (elsewhere) and some 47,000 homes lost electrical power (also elsewhere, thankfully). Our house seems to live in a charmed circle; we never lose power during heat waves, ice storms or violent weather. The only time we did lose power (for 9 days) was in 1986, when Hurricane Gloria swept over the Island. We are so fortunate!

And today, the humidity is gone and the temperature was 68 at 7 a.m.! : - D

Here's some party pics: Mr. Kevin and Ms. DebMs. PattyMr. DanMr. Andythe present of the hour: AN IPOD!

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It will be my birthday next Monday. I assume mummy will be rounding up all of my friends and family for a big party and lots of presents.... She will, won't she??

Niece Maddie Bun XXX

Oh, yes, I'm sure you'll get many presents and a lovely party. Hoppy Bunday in advance!

PS I can see the photo of Auntie Sue next to the sew-fur. That's nice....

That is a larger version of the picture Mr. Andy used for Auntie Sue's funeral. I keep it there always and a smaller version of it travels with me in our r.v.

Looks like a grand party Auntie.

I'd take the PEZ any day over an IPOD. Mums favourtie one of all time was Goofy, what did Mr Andy get? No idea why her favourite was Goofy as she isn't a Goofy fan and hasn't seen one for years and years and years!

Mr. Andy's was Batman. Our other daughter-in-law, Patty, LOVES all things Goofy. She has statues of Goofy, in all sizes, all over the house she shares with Mr. Dan. Also, some paintings of him, one done by Mr. Andy himself. She even has a tattoo of Goofy on her calf. Who knows what turns 2-foots on? I myself LOVE Jiminy Cricket.

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