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(no subject)

Well, it's still hot out, low 90's and high 80's, but we had a few good rains, so the humidity is less. I'm keeping cool by shopping, going to the book store, watching movies at the library and making chicken salad and shrimp with lobster sauce in their cooking classes.

I planted a supermarket-purchased sunflower plant (it made me think of Aunt Sue). I hope it gives me many blossoms and seeds for the birds. Here's a pic of it; if it prospers, I'll post some more.

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You need to come here, Auntie. It's much coolerer and we have lots of heavy rain. Actually, the rain rarely stops now....

Niece Maddie CBE

We could use rain that rarely stops; today we only had a few light showers. It's not sunny, though, so the heat is much less. Tomorrow, back to the mid-90's! :-p On the plus side, the tree we've been trying to save is beginning to recover from heat scorch and is starting to grow new leaves. My 2-foot and I have been driving to the tree twice a day for about 3 weeks and giving the tree 10 gallons of water each time. I am happy that it is not dead. ^-^

Oohhh Auntie, my favourite flower after daisies! For the furst time since anyone can remember she furgot to sow any this year so please show us pictures as it grows.

Bruno x

I will post pics as it flowers. Some bug has been chewing on its' leaves, but I gave it a spray, so hopefully, the bug will stop. ^-^

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