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(no subject)
I buy a Santa when we go someplace, but many of the Santas were gifts.
AARRRRGGGGHHHH!   All the horrible heat and humidity and no rain are back again. Temps in the mid-90's, only going down to the mid 70's at night ( and that's around 2 a.m.).

We are going to the local minor league baseball stadium tonight, in an effort to find cooler air.

To try and bring cooler thoughts, I post pics of my Santa collection. Think snow, everyone!

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whaou ! all this nice father christmas (Santa for you), we love.
we love christmas , this is the favorite time of year of Mum and Dad.
so we will think: Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow ... Snow Snow Snow Snow...!


I have some 150 Father Chrismases (Santas). I try to buy one when we go someplace new. I've got one from Alaska and one from Hawaii. I love the winter and the snow also. I'd love to have some snow right now, it's 10 p.m. and it's still 83 degrees outside. x-X

It's dull, grey, cool and rainy here auntie. You could come and visit me!

Cool and rainy sounds great; I'll even take dull. I would love to come visit; swimming across the pond would surely cool me off.

Hot and sunny here in Somerset! Great collection!

Bruno xx

Hot and sunny here also; way too hot. I planted a sunflower today though; it will like the sun. Glad you like my Santa collection. The oldest one is 66 years old.

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