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(no subject)

Wheeee! We've finally had some rain! A nice downpour Tuesday afternoon, a nice soaking rain Wednesday morn and a terriffic downpour last night!  Hopefully, this will help the stressed plants and trees a lot. Today is cloudy and COOL! I think the heat wave has broken, also. It was so nice to wake up to cool air this morning and not to have to turn on the  a.c. and the fans.

In Tuesdays rain, I snapped a pic of one of the grown buns in my yard, sheltering under a chair. Then yesterday, I got some pics of the only kit I've seen so far. He was so small, about 6" long and so fast, I kept losing him as he ran around the yard. He's the first kit I've seen in a few years and the smallest. Really cute! Mommy?Daddy? Bunand Baby Bun

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Not as cute as my grandbuns! :-)

Cute indeed. Baby bun looks about the size of my head, maybe smaller!

Bruno x

He/she was quite small, like a toy. I hope to see him again before he gets big.

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