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(no subject)

This unrelenting heat is wearing me down; I was never a hot weather person. And because we're also well into a drought; one rainstorm in the last 3-4 weeks, I'm fighting to keep my bushes and my flowers from dying. Everyone's lawn is brown and crunches underfoot. It's hard to sleep at night and hard to function in the day.

But my sparrows are feasting on the bugs (and the water and seed I set out for them). We've had hatching-out of some kind of bugs lately; they seem to congregate in Louis' trampoline, hanging on the sides to eat the bugs. I love my birds!

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Missing you too, Dame. If we didn't travel as we do, I would love to have a bun to cuddle. Maybe some day....

We actually had a very nice downpour today for about an hour. It is very muggy yet, but I'm hoping for more rain. We need rain every day for about a week to turn back this drought and heat. There's a certain tree I'm trying to save; perhaps this rain will help.

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