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Okay, now this weather is just getting plain ridiuculous! We have been having temperatures in the high 90's and low 100's for the past 6 days! We are all huddling inside with the air conditioners; some of us are losing power because of the stresses on the electrical grid; all of us wish it were winter again. Lawns are browning up and flowers are dying, because we are in a drought. Each year the weather gets weirder.

We had a nice Fourth, with all our family over, but we all ended up indoors because it was so HOT!  We've been doing indoor or cool things with Louis; we took him to the splash park, to the movies, fishing on a party boat and tomorrow we'll go to the splash park again. Have to go early, because the parking lots fill up by mid-morning. At night, it's only cooling down to the mid-70's, Maybe this will be a good way to lose weight?

Here's some pics of Louis with his 4th of July sparklers that his Uncle Dan and Aunt Patty bought him (in Pennsylvania, because fireworks are illegal in New York, although there are hundreds of them going off around here on the 4th).

We also went to the local minor league baseball team, the Long Island Ducks, on the 3rd, and saw a great fireworks display by the Gruccis, the premier fireworks makers in New York.Here's wishing everyone some cool days ahead!

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Too late! I'm a multi-colored puddle on the kitchen floor. x_X

Mum loves sparkers and we have them Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th. I am not that fussed but not bothered by the flashes and bangs, usually cos Mum has all the furtains drawn and some music on fur me.

Bruno x

That's what Mr. Andy had to do for Merry and Ringo; shut all the windows to keep out the loud bangs. (And there were plenty of them)!

Great Pics! Try and stay cool!


Thanx. Know any empty igloos I can rent? :-p

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