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(no subject)

What with everyone out of school for the summer and this being a big holiday weekend, this is the first time in 2 days that I've been able to get to any of my web sites. Cyber space is more crowded all the time.

The weather has been beautiful for the past 3 days; very low humidity, fantastic clear blue skies and white clouds. The heat (90's) is coming back again tomorrow for 3-4 more days, though. But that's okay; we've got our grandson, Louis over for a week, there is a new water park in our town and that's where we'll spend the days.

I actually got so bored just sitting in the a.c. that I went out and gardened anyway, till I got too hot. Then I came in and showered. There's just so much inactivity I can take. Merry and Ringo were so hot, they didn't even want a treat when I visited

I'm posting a drawing by our grandson, Louis, who's 12 and plans to be a veterinarian, with a side career as an artist. :-DFor all you buns out there.

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Ooh! it looks like my picture, Mum always says that I have fat cheeks.

Well,veterinary it's a good profession. We need for veterinary
specialist for the rabbits in France. May be, Louis will be able to come take care of us when he'll be veterinarian.


I will tell Louis that you likes his picture. I know that he would love to travel, so maybe some day, he'll be a French veterinarian.

He is obviously following in his Uncles paws Auntie, but being a Vet is a good thing too.

Bruno xx

Yes, I think Louis really does have talent, just like Mr. Andy. One of his other uncles had started out to be a vet, also, but he ended up working in a lab, then he became a science teacher. I guess it runs in the family.

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