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For days now, the temps have been up in the 90's. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'm melting! So I give you 2 cooler pics, from our trip to Yellowstone National Park in June of 2000, taken in the Lodge parking lot.....The snow in many of these parks does not melt until the end of July! In Glacier National Park, in 2000, the Going To The Sun road between East and West Glacier was buried in 10 foot drifts until August.

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Auntie, please can you hurl some of that snow over here. It's hot and humid and I'm too hot.

Hot cross Dame Maddie Bun CBE

I wish I could. It's so hot and so humid here, I may follow Mr. Andy into his icy tub. (Or, maybe, fill my insides with ICE CREAM).

Mummy's just filled her insides with eye-scream....

I have a pint of Haagen-Dazs Ginger awaiting me in the freezer. ^-^

Mummy had speshul offer cheapo napoleonitan - or was it neopolitan rmmed inside a cornet.

Any way you spoon it, ice cream is GOOD.

Awesome pics as always! Stay cool yall!

Love Hare

Much cooler now; we all feel human again! ^-^

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