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(no subject)
(It doesn't get any better than this)Beauty....digging in.....on the prowl.my personal lawn ornament...This grass looks good!You lookin' at me?You lookin' at ME?catch my classic profile!
Our computer room is not air-conditioned and since it's been over 90 degrees F the last few days, it's been too hot to sit up here. AND, school is out for Summer recess, so the internet waves are all clogged up. But now, it's only about 80 degrees upstairs, so I thought I'd try again to post.

I've been eating out a lot for lunch; some old friends have been in town; guess I can forget about losing weight for a while. Oh, well; eating out is fun.  For Cedric, here is a great photo of my favorite snack.....

Also, a photo of a rescue kitty. My friend recently lost her husband and her house was too quiet for her. So today, we went to the local animal shelter and she picked a lively little kitten to be hers. She's 8 weeks old and her name is Beauty.....

And last, but not least, (not at all least, my dear buns) I was finally able to get some pics of the bun who calls our backyard home.....

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Inn't he cute? I tried to get his pic when he was much younger, but he eluded me.

So I-scream is your favourite snack?

I-scream is to live and die for. No matter how much you've eaten, there's always room for I-scream. It just puddles into all the corners. :-D

What a dinky little bun!

Yah, they are small, the better to hide from hawks and cats and dogs, all of whom love to hunt buns. Also, they exist on just grass and whatever grows in people's yards. No pellets and treats for them!

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