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(no subject)

Thinking about all you buns and your kits, I want to show you my old pets, who passed over the rainbow bridge quite a while ago. I still think of them with love. the first and last pics of Molly, who lived to be 19.the first and last pics of Bandit, who lived to be 16.the flowers i planted on their graves in our backyard.

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Molly and Bandit had a long and happy life with you.
We had a dwarf rabbit ram also named Molly


I do love having a pet. If we didn't travel so much, I would get another cat. Someday.....^-^

7 years ago, we bought a camper-van for able to take our buns and our dogs with us on a journey . we love to have them with us all time .


I would travel with a cat or small pet, but my husband doesn't like the idea. :-p

Lovely photo's Auntie, I'm sure somebun would be delighted to apdopt you as a pet 2foot and travel with you. I go with my Mum a fair bit!

I would love to take a pet along, but my 2-foot mate does not like the idea. :-p

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