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(no subject)
our room in the Showboatrides on the Steel Piera view inside the Showboatand another viewthe onetime lighthouse, now far inlandthe beach patrol lifesaverseven on a grey day, people come to the beach
Well, we had a nice time in Atlantic City. One day was grey and foggy; we watched the buildings around us disappear; then we watched the wind blow the fog inland in great clouds and the buildings came back. The other 2 days were sunny and hot, real Summer days.

We are not richer (or wiser) but we had 2 nights in a nice room for only $26 dollars; got 3 free dinner buffets and $1 drinks. Didn't gamble all the time; we went out and walked on the boardwalk with all the other outdoor people. Long before there were casinos here, A.C. was a favorite beach destination in the Summer. When there was more beach (pre-casino) thousands of people would come to enjoy the sun and the ocean. It's still a beach town, but only just. 

The casino we stayed at, the Showboat, is Mardi Gras themed, so every day, 3 times a day, they have a Mardi Gras parade inside and a really good show with dancers and singers. We happened upon it as we were coming downstairs from dinner, so I didn't have my camera with me and if I'd gone back to our room to get it, I'd have missed the show. Next time...

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when it is very beautiful, there must be many 2foots!
We prefer going to the beach when there are not many people, we prefer the
wild beach.
The bedroom seemed very spacious.


The East coast of the U.S. being is very crowded, so there are not many wild beaches, but they are still beautiful. When people live in a very crowded area, they sort of learn to make their own private area in their minds.

Mmmmmmm, those beds look comfy. I could stretch out and roll around on those, auntie!

Queen size - nothing but the best for you, my Dame. (=^-^=)

Quite, auntie. We bunderstand each other.

I like to think so. By the way, Hoppy Dadsbun Day to any of you buns who are Dads. (You can include the 2-foots also). ^-^

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