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(no subject)

HI, all: Ken and I are going to Atlantic City, New Jersey, Tuesday - Thursday. We were offered 2 free nights at one of the hotels and we decided to take advantage of them. I hope the weather is nice; I will bring my camera and take some pics on the boardwalk. I will talk to everyone on Friday. My Robin's egg, before the meltdown....Our bikes, on their way out with the trash. Since I injured my knee in 2001, I haven't been able to ride.....*sigh*The baby honeysuckle, waiting to go to a new yard, so it can become a rapacious invader.

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Surely there must be a second-hand value for those bikes, or a local couple/family who could use them? They look far too good to dump!

(I've recently started using mine after storing it for nearly 20 years thinking I'd never ride it again.)

Not to worry; around here, if you set something out front that looks usable, someone will come by and take it away. Ken set the bikes out front, went back into the yard to bring out some more trash cans and when he got back, the bikes were gone! ^-^

Have fun, and thanks for hacking away at that bush! ^_^

Have a lovely trip Auntie, that honeysuckle is looking good.

PS Mums bike has been sat in the garage for the last 10 years and has only been used once!

We had a lovely trip; free food, free rooms and all. (Left some money behind, however).

Do buns like to eat honeysuckle? It really does taste good, though I just sip the nectar. Have you any in your yard?

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