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I had a nice surprise last night; my brother phoned and told me that a BBC series from the late 70's that we both loved, "Poldark" was finally available on dvd in USA format. I took out my plastic and ordered the first 2 seasons. I am a happy camper!

Now that Summer is here, we are being treated to the sound of the mini-bikes which speed up and down our street. ( Our street is 2 miles long, with side streets on only one side, so it is made for racing). They do wheelies up and down and thru the stop signs. When they come to the end of the street, they turn onto the Parkway, which is in back of our house. They sound like a giant bee, getting louder and louder as they get closer and closer. As they race down the Parkway, you can hear them coming for about a mile, with the full Doppler effect.  Ahhh, the sweet sounds of Summer nights........

I've been doing lots of yard work today, as it's lovely and cool out. I'm still trying to clip the bushes into submission. When I took the Robin's nest out of the rose bush, I found an unhatched egg in it. I think the Robin I watched grow up was sitting on it, hiding it from the momma bird. (I'm the only one in the nest, Mom; feed me, feed me). Sometimes, animals are not as sweet as we think they are..... I took the egg inside and washed it, with an eye to keeping it, but unfortunately, it developed a leak and ........ewwwwwww.......I had to throw it out. There goes my natural history collection.

Our grandson Louis' stepmom asked me to give her any honeysuckle I might find in the yard. Now, while I like it for it's scent and it's taste, it's always been a pest of a plant because it's so invasive. I was always pulling it out of my rose bushes and my trees. I would start at the front of the yard and follow the runners all the way to the back of the yard. But I managed to locate some  nestling  near the poison ivy so I potted it and if it grows, I'll give it to Deb on the weekend.

Well, now that I've answered my e-mail and looked at everyone's journal, it's time to go and weed in the garden. Hope everybun had a nice weekend. ^-^

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Mummy told me that her grandhumans used to watch Poldark in the 1970's (befur I was born) and that mummy visited some of the filming locations last summer. Boris's mum used to act-chew-ally live on one of the estates where it was filmed.

Fantastic! I will not get my dvd until the 17th of this month and the tapes are getting too old to enjoy nicely, but I remember some of those estates were gorgeous. I am eagerly anticipating 14 hours of fun.

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