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(no subject)

Since we started driving around the country in our r.v., I have kept a journal of where we went and what we did. Now, 11 years later, I am attempting to edit and minimize all the paper. I have about 17 file folders stuffed with notes and pictures and brochures. I am going to slowly read and transcribe and throw out a lot of extraneous stuff. Should only take me till the end of the year......my folders full of vacationsmy backyard friends at my feedermy daylilies in the back yard.....and in the front yardmy spiderwort, which spread nicely everywhere...and a lovely purple plant whose name I don't know.

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You should put all of your holiday stuff online then you could share it with the world.

Don't know if I'm up to THAT much sharing; I do only have dial-up. x_X

Now you can keep it all electronically! Isn't technology grand?

No,no,no...I just want to reduce the paper trail, not give myself more agita. Although, actually, I may just keep notes online, then print them out when I get home. No more writing; I hate to write.

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