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(no subject)
Louis and Grandpa playing aerial golfboy in flightUncle Brian and Louis; Louis dropped the ball...Cowboy Louis in his New Mexico hatLouis panning for gold......He's RICH.....RICH....FILTHY RICH.....(there is always a small amount of gold in each bag of dirt).
These are the pics Live Journal wouldn't let me post yesterday; today I could. Strange.... I spent my morning hacking down most of Mr. Andy's exceedingly thorny Rosa Rugosa bush from in front of his house. Got about 2/3 of it down before I ran out of energy.  I went to a library cooking program Monday night and learned how to make coconut pudding; it was yummy; I'll make some for dessert soon. Going to go and put my feet up now and read a book. (=^-^=)

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You have a nice big garden fur me to play in when I visit...

Yes, there are many bushes and trees and flowers to nom on; I would even leave the dandelions for you. Our yard is all fenced in, so you would not have to worry about dogs or cats. (I would guard you from the hawks). If you come, I will teach you how to play aerial golf.(=^-^=)

Louis made impressive Binkies !
do you binkies like Louis ?


Louis is a GREAT binkier; he's 12 years old and never stops hopping. I, being a bit older, prefer to lounge around and watch him binkie. ^-^

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