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(no subject)
We spent a few days upstate with our one-time neighbors. The buns were on the lawn outside of our motel.
On the way home, we stopped at our new (and only) Welcome Center on the Long Island Expressway. It features a replica of the Montauk Lighthouse and a whale out front. Inside, it offers local products and foods of Long Island, with a café. There's also an inlaid map of the Island, with well-known sites highlighted with golden hearts and golden letters.
(If these pics come out upside down again, I don't know why and I don't know how to fix them).

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I am learning to stand on my head

In the preview, they were right side up. I don't understand it!

Are whales still seen off shore?

Yes, infrequently. A Humpback whale just had to be euthanized after stranding itself on a sandbar in Moriches Bay on Eastern L.I. Efforts to dislodge it were unsuccessful and the sea gulls were attacking it.

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