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(no subject)
JUst some pics from a FL garden....

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Nice. Where abouts is that? Not Long Island surely?

Stop calling her Shirley

I wish! No, it's an arboretum in Florida.

Early trip this year, or is that a late trip this year?

Second photo down, there is a wooden structure with some plants on it. There is a grey looking type of vegetation hanging down below the green plant. What is it?

Actually, pics from last year that I never posted.
That 2nd pic was just a board with a Bromeliad growing on it. They grow on trees and get their sustenance from the air and water.

That is Spanish Moss, an air plant which hangs on anything it can find in the South. It takes all it's sustenance from the air and nothing from it's host.

I wasn't paying strict attention to what you asked; that thread is Spanish Moss.

Thank-you. I went to a place that specialises in orchids a week ago, and in one of their green houses there was masses of Spanish moss, but it was not labelled. I knew I had seen it somewhere and I think it was in your photos. Interesting plant

Edited at 2016-11-12 08:23 am (UTC)

It is rather pretty, because of it's geometric shape. In the wild, it often harbors chiggers, a tiny red bug with a vicious itchy bite.
During the Civil War, it was boiled and used as a dressing for wounds by the Southern doctors, who were running out of everything.

The chiggers burrow under the skin.

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