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(no subject)
Today was another beautiful weather day. After grocery shopping, some housework and some yard work, I took myself to the local movie theatre to see the sci-fi movie "Splice". It was okay; a good "B" movie. I also want to see "Shrek; the Final Chapter". Maybe next week.

We have been officially counted in this year's cencus. So,  when our descendants are searching for information 50 years from now,  there we will be to be added on to the family tree.  (My brother has been doing one for years and has traced back to the 1600's).

Our funnace repair man came for the summer maintainance today, and managed to set off our fire alarm. He disconnected something and it got a little smoky in the basement. But that is not as good as the story I heard last night. Went to the monthly cooking class at my library and the chef said he was being filmed for a local t.v. station in another library. He threw something in a pan, then watched as the resulting smoke drifted towards the fire alarm......the fire department showed up in full regalia and it was all captured on film. :-)

This computer of mine (actually, AOL) is only dial-up, so it can be VERY SLOW at times. I was actually trying to get on-line since this morning. Therefore, I don't post all my pics at once, it would take too long. Here's some more from the other day......Wait; I cannot post any pics, it seems, unless I upgrade to a paid account. I want to check this out, make sure I want to do it. I'll get back to you......

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Mummy traced her family tree a few years ago and *whisper* she's from a line of ... *shudder* ... animal skinners!!!

I'll bet she doesn't state that on her fancy new website!

Niece Maddie XXX

I, myself, come from a long line of whalers, so I guess we were in a version of animal skinners also. :-p

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