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(no subject)
Our grandson got his first car, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa and Louis' savings, so he can drive to college in the Fall!

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when we opened our "Live Journal" Louis was a little boy ... and now he have His hown car....time go on

I know; a few years ago he was still our little boy, now he's a man. The years go too fast!

Good for him. What is he studying?

Our youngest has started this autumn too. Doing American Studies.

Very nice. Studying us right now might be chaotic.

Well the UK is hardly a flat mill pond at the moment this year either. I must admit that I keep asking myself how did this all happen?

Over here, people were just tired of the same old politics, enriching the politicians and ignoring the rest of us. Gov't of the people, by the people, for the people? Not so much for a long time. We needed a shake-up. And, truth to tell, it wasn't so much that people wanted Donald but that they didn't want Hillary. She most definitely should have been indicted for some of the things she did. It's time that the gov't started listening to the people again.

So aoart from the e-mails what has she done that was so wrong?

She should never have had a separate server; it's against the law to conduct gov't business on a private server. Also, when she was Sec of State, she took an oath saying she would not accept donations from foreign gov'ts, which she did anyway and appeared to grant special favors to the donors. Donors to her Clinton Foundation also seemed to give favors in gov't to the donors. My brother, who worked for the gov't for many years, said that people in his organization lost their jobs/went to jail for the same actions.

Ah ok. My Cousin, in Colorado, who is a Democrat, does not have much time for her, and was mentioning this at my fathers funeral but I was circulating among the guests and did not get time to discuss properly with her.

Even so, her victor just seems to be such a ghastly individual I find it incredulous that he won.

Never mind, should we ever have Prime Minster Farage (shudder) you can say similar things to me....

Hillary and her team also destroyed a number of cell phones (with hammers) after they had been subpoenaed by the FBI.
Most folks, I think, voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils. He is morally questionable, but has not actually committed any crimes. My hope is that he will listen to others in the gov't and not be the same as he was in the electoral race.
The next 4 years will probably prove to be interesting; as in the Chinese saying: May you live in interesting times.
The protesters don't seem to understand that the election is a done deal and no amount of protesting is going to change the outcome.
What bothers me a lot is the war on police that seems to be going on. Almost every day, another police person is shot in cold blood. This country needs help. We are like the Wild West with our guns.

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