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We had a very nice visit with my brother and sis-in-law in WA state. Toured Wild Horse Wind and Solar Power Facility outside of Ellensburg.....

As you can see, we had to wear helmets and goggles for the tour. We were in White Bird turbine; if you contribute to a charity, you get to name the turbine. Our guide told us that it takes 15 minutes to climb to the top (harnessed and attached to a cable for safety) and that the rectangular part on the top is the size of a school bus. I asked him about bird kills and he said the towers kill about 2 1/2 birds each per year. But the hawks and falcons have learned to use the wind pressure to give them more speed to attack things on the ground! Adaptive learning. The 250 odd towers there produce enough power for 250,000 homes. When the winds are too strong, the turbine will turn the blades out of the wind to prevent bending. It was very interesting!