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(no subject)

Today was a perfect weather day; lots of warm breezes and no rain. We had all our guys (and their girls) over for a bbq. We had our grandson for the weekend also; first time we've seen everyone since January. Games were played and lots of food was eaten. We got to sit outside the whole time and enjoy the sun. Tomorrow, everyone must go to WORK except for us, who are happily retired! HaaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaa! my grandbuns relaxing in the heatour grandson, Louis!Mr. AndyKevin(Louis' dad and DebUncle Dan and Aunt PattyUncle Brian

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My new camera keeps me very busy; it likes to be used.^-^

Looks like a bunderful day! Lovely photos Auntie.

Thanks ^-^. My system is soooooooo sloooooooow (dial up) that I don't post all my photos at once. I'll put some more on today.

Thanks. ^-^ My dial-up is so slow that I only post a few pics at a time now that I am home again. We de-activated the flash drive (which was high-speed) and won't activate again until Sept.

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