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(no subject)

Today's kind of a foggy day. I was going over to Mr. Andy's to work in Auntie Sue's garden, but I had YET ANOTHER FLAT on my car. This makes about 8 in the last 2 years! So I stayed at home and worked in my own garden ^-^   I transplanted some volunteer Canterbury Bells? that had popped up under our hedges, all the while avoiding the poison ivy which is increasingly showing up in my flowers! I am very susceptible to the noxious weed, so I kept having to take breaks to go in and scrub my hands with the poison ivy remover cream. I've had P.I. about 4 times; once, about 14 years ago, I had to take the whole month of June off from my school cook's job, because I was covered in quarter-sized blisters from my ahoulder to my wrist. ( No one wanted me around the food; I don't know why).  :-)  My Robin has left the nest!My volunteer....and her sister...some of my flowers I risk my skin for......my nemesis; Miss Poison Ivy  >_<

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Those bells are digitalis, otherwise known as foxgloves.

See I'm not just a pretty face, but I'm too humble to boast about it.

Thank you, O Wise and Humble Bun; you've saved from trying to find the flower on the 'net. You are truly a Bun of Many Talents. (=^-^=)

I have more talents, Auntie...

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