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(no subject)

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. The weekend weather, for a change, was perfect, sunny and not too hot or humid. We went to a tasty bbq that our youngest son and his wife hosted. Had a really good time. Our son was telling us about going to a Mets game with our grandson, Louis and Louis' dad. They tailgated in the parking lot and Louis ate: 2 hamburgers, 2 hot dogs, 3 pickles, macaroni salad, chips, peanuts, sodas...... Louis is 12 and a bottomless pit. He's almost taller than me now, which, admittedly, is not saying too much. We will have him this weekend; I'd better go shopping at the food store!

I collect Jiminy Crickets (the Disney character from Pinocchio). Each year, when we go to DisneyWorld, I look for new ones.  I finally bought them a showcase of their own; here they are.....

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Where's its ears, THAT AIN'T NO BUNNY. Shame on you Auntie.

Mum saw a glow bug in Italy (I'm sure they have a proper name!) its only the second one she has seen in hur considerably life time!

I thought I replied to this last night, but it seems to have disappeared. I do have some bunnies; some are ceramic and some are stuffed. But I have always been drawn to Jiminy Cricket; he's just a cute bug. We have lightning bugs here; probably what you call a glow bug. I don't know it's proper name, either. When I was a child, we'd catch them in jars to watch them light up; then we'd let them go. Some have yellow lights and some have blue.

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