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We had the best day so far here, weather-wise. It was sunny and 80. However, tomorrow is promising severe thunderstorms, going right into Thurs. All awnings have been retracted and the chairs are in the car trunk. I have secured 2 new books from the camp library and am ready for bad weather.
I feed the turtles (puppy chow) and I have a good following:

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The Turtles seem Happy Together..

They are, but the soft-shells are very skittish. The regular ones don't even care if the Ibis eat all around them.

at our burrow we have two red-eared florida turtle, they have 31 and 32 years.
Mummy asks the vet how time they can live, the vet replied in captivity they live about 25 years .
Do you know how many years can live red-eared florida turtle ?

No, but these turtles get very big and round; I think they do live a very long time. The Soft-shell turtle is the biggest, but also the shiest.

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