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(no subject)

Here it is: Memorial Day Weekend! The official start of Summer! So far, the weekend is good; lovely weather, nice and sunny and hot. I spent some time with my weeds in my garden, letting them know they are not welcome anymore. Then, since our 11 year old air conditioner in the dining room has gotten so noisy that we had to shout above it, we went to the store and laid down many pennies to buy one and have it delivered and put in next week. Because a Summer with Long Island's humidity is a visit to **** without A.C. for the really bad days.  We also bought a shop-vac to remove all the traces of the Southeast and the Southwest from my car (gravel, small boulders, sand, dirt, old leaves).

Then we relaxed, until one of the many ice-cream trucks that go up and down our street parked across the way and played one of those awful ice-cream truck songs at top volume for about 20 minutes. The sound went well with the Summer return of the mini-bikes, which sound like a million bees on steroids. Our block is 2 miles long and only has cross streets on one side, so it's a perfect drag strip in the Summer.

On the plus side, a t.v. technician came and fixed my t.v. which had a rusted connection outside, it seems, and was not getting any sattelite signals. He came on a Sunday, on a holiday weekend! I think all the companies are running scared these days; there is so much competition out there; they will go to any lengths to keep their customers.

My Mets are winning games these days, so all is right with the Universe. Tomorrow being the actual holiday, we are going to a bbq at our youngest son's house. The first bbq of the Summer! Yaaaaaayyyy! we've tamed the bushes........and the grass.......and the baby Robin is getting bigger and more feathery every day.

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you have a lovely large garden.
have you ever had buns?


None that I've ever bought, but each year, we get a family of wild buns in the back yard. I haven't been able to get a picture of any of them this year, not yet. My garden, like Topsy, just 'growed'. I plant things and I take any volunteer plants that come my way. I just transplanted two volunteers I found under our hedges today.

Beautiful garden Auntie. I hope you are practising your binkies in all that space!

I'm not a young bun anymore and I think if I tried to binkie, I might break something. But my mind does binkies all the time. ^-^

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