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(no subject)
We are back from our yearly stint in Hither Hills, Montauk and are finally caught up with the unpacking of the r.v., laundry, cleaning, back to my Mall walking and seeing friends and catching up on all I dvr'd.
Very glad we didn't take advantage of the offer of another week there, in light of the storm coming our way. At least our drought is broken. Not in time for some of my plants though; our largest azalea has lost all of it's middle.
I am ready for the storm; got my books and my Dr. Who's (as long as the power doesn't fail). Got my reliable gas stove, which I never wanted to switch for an electric one, given the storms that the Island can get. Life's good!

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we hope ,you'll be right with the storm . take care of you .
Finley & Leony & the 2foots.

Thanks! It looks as though the bulk of the storm will stay out in the ocean. But we're getting some rain, which we sorely need.

I thought that the music would have been Pretty Flamingo

Is there something musical called Pretty Flamingo?

I never knew! That video looks really mod 70's.

It originally came out in the 60's

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