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Ringo inspecting my legs....I used a flash and Ringo reacted....Merry was a bit more wary; they haven't seen me in a while....they have all sorts of toys, but, like kids, they play with the boxes!Sue's flowering cherry tree that I planted in her memory in Belmont Lake State Park. I missed the flowering this year, but I'll see it next year.the nest of the baby robin who's holding up my pruning.....he's in there, all fuzzy feathers.time to eat!
Today was very hot, almost 90; I think the hot weather has come across the Pond to us. It's too early for August temperatures! It makes it  a very sweaty job to garden. Fortunately, I could not do all the pruning I planned, because I found a baby robin in its' nest in one of the bushes I wanted to cut back. So.....regretfully, my pruning will have to wait. Instead, I went to see my grandbunnies, for the first time since January. They were glad to see me (once they'd sniffed me as I sat on the floor) and double glad after I gave them a treat. Here's Ringo and Merry, looking happy.

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Aw, you visited the bunnies. ^_^

I LOVE my grandbunnies; now that we are home, I will visit them on a regular basis again, so I can spoil them.^-^

I can't wait to sit on your knee again, Auntie. Furhaps you will take me in my Dame-Mobile to see Auntie Sue's tree too..

You bet! I will drive you to Auntie Sue's tree; there is some lovely grass you can munch on. (The tree is just for admiring). My knee awaits you, Dame. (=^-^=)

What hareriffic pics! Thanks!

Love, Hare

My grandbuns are SO photogenic. (They take after their grandma). ^-^

Baby robin , I had never seen one before ,he seems to be very hungry.
Merry and Ringo seems to appreciate the visits, it is always good to see
friends.Merry and Ringo are sweet.


Robins are one of the most common birds here. This one is still growing his feathers; he has a short stubby tail and long wispy wing feathers. I'm going to continue to take pictures of him until he leaves his nest. Merry and Ringo are the cutest bunnies; I'm going to keep posting their pics as I visit them. (=^-^=)

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