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(no subject)
We are slowly getting back into a home routine. The 3 foot tall grass has been cut, the laundry pile is shrinking, and I will soon co-ordinate my laptop with my home computer. Then I will shut off the laptop until September (or maybe June). Oddly enough, the flash drive we bought in Florida for the laptop, which enabled us to go on line securely with Verizon, does not work very well at home. There is very little reception; we don't appear to be near enough to any towers.

I have resumed my morning mall-walking (all that vacation eating does show up) and seeing my neighbor for afternoon coffee. I'm slowly emptying everything out of the r.v. so I can clean it (slowly). After all, I have until September to do it. If we do go to Washington, D.C. in June, we will go by car and stay in an hotel.  

We want to have all our guys (and girls) over for a "we're back" dinner as soon as we can co-ordinate everyone. With six people and two who work weekends, it's a little hard. Meantime, I am spending time in my garden again (just me and the weeds). I've not been able to get a pic of our resident yard bunny yet, but here are some of my flowers. The rainy winter and spring were good to them....My white peonies; the pink are waiting to openI love the bigness of the peoniesAuntie Sue's black irisBlack Beauty!



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Mum loves roses, she has" English roses" in the garden, in the autumn she will be ordered two roses at David Austin , they have almost no thorns,it will be for us, yum yum! we shall put in our park . Mum also loves flowers and plants, but she does not put too much because she does not know which are good for us.
your black iris are very nice!


I know that Auntie Sue used to feed Merry and Ringo dandelion leaves and I think the heads and marigolds. I did not know buns could eat roses. I guess the petals must taste sweet. I also have a deep purple iris with a white stripe that came from Auntie Sue's garden (purple was her favorite color) but they have not bloomed this year because I transplanted them. Next year, I hope.

See you Thursday night!

Sue got the black flowers just for me, to tease me about my 90%-black wardrobe. ^_^

I know, and they are coming along beautifully. Remind me to show you on Thursday. And make room on your passenger seat for a large SKULL! (=^-^=)

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