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(no subject)
We visited the Newseum in D.C. Very interesting and well worth the look.
We spent several hours and saw all of the exhibits. There was one on the Baby Boomer generation, with one well-known person representing each year that they were born in.
The journalism exhibit was engaging. This map shows the world as free press applies to it; countries marked in green have full freedom; yellow, some freedom; red, none at all.

Journalists who have died in the line of reporting.

Always did like Pogo; he was a wise possum.

An entire section was devoted to Pulitzer Prize winning photos. We had seen some of them in Dallas in 2002. The pics fit into all the categories listed on the wall plaque.
For an over-all tour, look the museum up on line and also look up the Pulitzer pics.

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Someone had better tell the Italians that they don't have the same freedoms as the rest of western Europe, I'm sure that they would be fascinated to hear it...

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