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painted bunting
Raintree has decided to ration its internet usage; everyone had to get a ticket for each of their electronic devices. Each ticket carries 24 hours of usage. Only webbrowsing and e-mail is encouraged. Any skyping,video downloading, movie watching, t.v. show watching will result in slower and slower service and if continued, will result in the user being banned from the net. There are so many people here with so many devices (p.c.s, laptops, nooks, kindles, Iphones) that the bandwidth can't handle them. This seems to be an equitable way of handling the situation. I hope that I will still be able to post and browse sites!  Only time will tell.
We took a ride to Sanibel Island last week for lunch. Here are a few of the cute signs they have around.
#%*^$ I'm not having any luck getting to my pics. Maybe tomorrow. Aaaaarggghhhh!


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